Cloud Managed Services

Better Cloud Management

The cloud is now a need for business. But an environment that is poorly managed can easily lead to cloud cost overruns and unnecessary risks. This results in missed business impact opportunities.


The cloud represents a steep learning curve for most organizations. Aerizo Cloud Managed Services allow you to enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Take advantage of 24X7 monitoring, expert support and unlimited mentorship. We will help you manage cloud costs, solve problems more quickly and provide you with a safe and stable foundation for long-term success.

Addressing Your Cloud Management Challenges

Cloud cost and efficiency management requires new skills and expertise. Aerizo Cloud Managed Services offers the businesses to transform the method of delivering IT services.

Cloud Skills Gap
The market for cloud professionals is competitive and resources are expensive. 46 percent of IT executives see the rising deficit of cloud skills.  
Support and Mentorship

With 24X7 live assistance, avoid disruption and fix problems quicker. Obtain unlimited advice on cloud application setup, monitoring and security.

Dedicated cloud mentoring sessions help you adopt optimal operational strategies and improve your cloud expertise.

Operational Readiness

There is a scarcity of expertise for many organizations to enhance productivity and security the speed of innovation.  New services are being added to the cloud vendor’s portfolios every year.

Maximize Performance

Improve productivity by automation through standardization of workload deployment. Reduce disruption by maintaining proper identity, access and policy management.

Proactive monitoring lets you escape disaster. We also save you money by improving your cloud environment performance continuously.

Cost Management

The cloud is a modern paradigm for use, so mistakes are costly. 57 percent say that their cloud budgets are exceeding.

Optimize costs

Through Cloud Dashboards, we track usage in real time. Improving visibility and accountability by allocating costs based on project, department or service.

Continued cost optimization by reporting monthly trends and expert reviews.

What You Will Gain

Boost Market Impact

Realize the benefits of cloud services faster and drive innovation while supporting your people.

Optimize your Spend

Avoid surprises, minimize time spent reconciling budgets and improve cost-efficiencies over time.

Reduce Risk

Get the oversight to ensure a secure, stable foundation for your environment based on industry standards and best practices.

Drive Efficiency

Leverage blueprinting and automation to speed the delivery of cloud services while taking work out.

Increase the Business Impact of Cloud

Microsoft and AWS constantly introduce new features and services. It’s a lot to keep up with. But taking advantage of these innovations can have a big impact on the value of the cloud for your business. Make the most of your cloud investments. Learn how Aerizo Cloud Managed Services keeps you ahead of the curve.