Application and Infrastructure Security Assurance

Application and Infrastructure Security Assurance (Penetration-Testing & Vulnerability Assessments)

In 2020, every 40 seconds there occurred  a cyber-attack which resulted in losses of $5 billion, staggering increase from 2015’s $325 million. And in 2019, a cyber-attack was recorded every 14 seconds with total losses amounting to $21.5 billion!

Realizing the vulnerabilities and the possible ways that can be exploited by an attacker is the primary step to strengthen your security system.  Aerizo’s penetration testing services in UAE gives you a real-world look at how attackers are able to exploit your vulnerabilities and how you can defend them. By simulating a real world attack on your applications, mobile applications, exposed API, web services, cloud hosted applications and IT Infrastructure, we check the security level of the same and offer a powerful way to make it stronger.  

Aerizo’s penetration testing services are listed below

Assurance ServicesOutcomesBenefits
Web Application Pentest
Mobile App Pentest
Cloud Application Pentest
IT Infrastructure Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Test Report
VA Reports & Recommendations
Helps organizations to proactively identify gaps, and vulnerabilities in the web applications, API and web services, IT infrastructures and remediate them.

Helps in identifying configuration gaps in cloud and on-premise application/infrastructure.
Application Code ReviewCode Review & Recommendation ReportHelps in identifying code gaps that could potentially result in cyber security risks.

Penetration Testing Approach / Methodology:

Aerizo’s experienced cyber security analysts engage with the clients throughout all the stages of the penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Benefits to Organization:

Conducting penetration testing / vulnerabilities assessment helps organizations to realize the potential vulnerabilities that pose threat to their security. This makes them able stay one step ahead of attackers by resolving the vulnerabilities and strengthening their protection system.