RedTeam Services

RedTeam Services - Real World Attacks without any Consequences

Be aware of all the vulnerabilities and holes in your security defense system before a malicious hacker identifies them!

What an attacker is looking for?

Weaknesses! To quote Window Snyder, “one single vulnerability is all an attacker needs”. 

And where do these vulnerabilities lie? It can be in your company’s

1. Technology (networks, applications, routers, switches, appliances etc)

2. People (staff, independent contractors, departments, business partners etc)

3. Physical Assets (Offices, warehouses, substations, data centers, buildings etc)

Thus it becomes very vital to make sure the cyber safety of all these three domains of your company. 

How Aerizo’s RedTeam services help you

By simulating real world attacks against your Infrastructure and services, Aerizo’s RedTeam service assesses how well your company is prepared to resist a cyber attack. We will provide you with a fact-based analysis of your security’s strengths and weaknesses. We will also give you an accurate overview regarding the ability of your internal security team and protocols to protect your company safe from attackers.

Through RedTeaming services we help you to identify the physical, hardware, software and human vulnerabilities, lock up all the chances for cyber attacks by fixing these security weaknesses and  enhance your organization’s ability to address and defend any kinds of cyber threats in future. 

Why RedTeam Exercise:

  1. Perfect Assessments of the readiness of your security Defenses
  2. Offers a strong Security Posture
  3. Immediately Close the security Gaps
  4. Remain Proactive with security management