Designed for comprehensive turn-up testing, monitoring and troubleshooting of fixed line, mobile, microwave and wireless carrier Ethernet links.  UniPRO MGig1 is suitable for use on any backhaul link at speeds of up to 1 Gb/s.

UniPRO MGig1 allows enterprise users to monitor the actual bandwidth and performance compared to the agreed service levels from the service provider. It can also be used to stress test and monitor the performance of LAN backbone links.

Carrier users
  • Telco, cable TV, broadband, metro Ethernet WAN and leased line service providers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Data centres
Enterprise users
  • Managers of public utility, industrial, transportation, health care, education and financial networks
  • LAN installation and maintenance personnel
  • System integrators
Key Features
  • Ethernet transmission tester for carrier and enterprise networks
  • Comprehensive in-line network monitoring
  • Simplified set-up of target devices, services and tests
  • RFC2544, BERT, SLA-Tick and Y.1564 (NetSAM)
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple services
  • QoS tests - multiple VLAN (QinQ), MPLS, ToS and DSCP