UniPRO Gbis is a revolutionary tool for testing all types of G.SHDSL service. It combines a state-of-the-art DSL engine with a range of useful copper layer fault checks into a compact, hand-held, battery-powered tester.

Designed with the field engineer in mind, UniPRO Gbis provides the ultimate in ease of use, pinpointing common network faults and checking service performance directly from switchon with minimal setup. It supports the latest G.SHDSL standard, G.SHDSL.bis, as well as legacy versions of the technology, which are widely deployed for the provision of multi-pair DSL access to business applications. Up to 4 copper pairs can be tested simultaneously and can be bonded together using ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) or EFM (Ethernet in First Mile) encapsulation to provide up to 22.784Mbps of symmetrical bandwidth.

Key Features