IpTL Model 7 NetBlazer™ Secure Remote Access Adapter with VPN Routing, Ethernet, & Wi-Fi

FastLane 7 NetBlazer™ Secure Remote Access Adapter is the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™ which is a combination of security, transparency and delivers a trustworthy control from your office to any location with remote access.IpTL Model 7 NetBlazer™ is an advance and secure remote access adapter designed by IP Technology Las in a very versatile manner which delivers plug and play secured access for all the users in a clientless way

IpTL Model 7 NetBlazer™ plays a distinctive role more than a VPN can offer a client; this secure remote access adapter provides full network access to resources a user uses in the business industry. Apart from this it also plays the role of sharing data to your system, Laptop, phone or tablet.

The best part about this secure remote access adapter is it can deliver network access to multiple devices at the same time. It works as a transparent module to your data, application and deliver you the best results anywhere, anytime while you are in or out of the office.

Point-to-Point Secure Connectivity and Sharing

Multisite User and Site Connectivity and Integration

Best time to use FastLane 7 NetBlazer™ Secure Remote Access Adapter
  • To get connectivity without client
  • A replacement to VPN Client to use with PC, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Full BYOD integration to match with all devices
  • Enhanced Trust-and-Control™ to elimitate two factor token overhead
  • Full remote management
  • Video and VoIP Application connectivity WITHOUT an SBC or helper applications
  • Contains Distributed Call-Center VoIP agents
Key Features
  • 11 WiFi Access point &WiFi Client (simultaneous)
  • Automated Captive Portal
  • Splash-page login
  • Self-powered from USB port with any USB-based power source
  • Contains 10/100 Ethernet Wired port
  • Any port can be used for tunnel, uplink, or hosts
  • Functions on Full independent remote management
  • True universal device support
  • No software client for any laptop, phone, tablet
  • AES256 Encryption, X.509v3 certificate, Perfect Forward Secrecy