IpTL Model 7004 Secure Remote Access Appliance Cellular Failover, VPN Router, LTE, & Ethernet

Semi-Ruggedized Cellular Failover LTE Remote Access with VPN Routing, & Integrated WAN Failover Verizon Certified.

All the IPTL FastLane™ appliances are made high class and reliable to perfectly secure the access connectivity for IoT/M2M automatic WAN Failover & Restore. These models can be used for remote branch connectivity as well to get the desired network. Among the Secure remote access appliance cellular failover series the Model 7004 contains all sort of networking feature to deliver a successful project. The model ensures that your projects contain dynamic circuit protection, routing/forwarding, VLANs at the same time state full inspection firewall.

If you desire to have reliable and continuous secure access to your entire network resources, then make use of the IoT Trucking gateway which will help in keeping your data secure to the cloud or Ethernet interface.

IoT Trunking over LTE Cellular – SmartMeter Application

Access Control Integration with LTE Cellular Failover

Why should we use Model 7004?
  • Connect, Access, and Secure over the LTE data network
  • Dual Cellular, Wi-Fi, & Ethernet operation connects all your devices to both the LAN and the Tunnel so you don’t need extra gear to purchase, configure, & manage
  • Access Control, IO, Intelligent Readers & Network-based Controllers
  • Building Automation Systems HVAC Maintenance, monitoring & control
  • Digital Signage Connectivity
  • Mobile – Taxis, Light Transport Vehicles
  • ATMs, Kiosks, Point of Sale systems, & Lottery machines
Key Features
  • Best WAN Failover with SystemMonitor™
  • Up to 64 independent network connections
  • Reliability and throughput your applications demand
  • MPLS or Lease-line redundancy over Internet
  • Trunk your IoT or M2M devices to your headend applications seamlessly
  • Connect, Access, and Secure over the LTE data network