IpTL Model 70V Series Virtual Secure Remote Access Appliance with VPN Routing & Integrated Redundancy

Hi-Performance Virtualized Hosted & Cloud Network Application Connectivity

IpTL 70V eGate Assured Virtual Appliance™ is a high class virtualized secure network connectivity solution. This model can be used for hosted and cloud deployment and delivering transparency and controlled access to the data as per the requirement of the user. This model is built on IpTL’s highly innovative converged infrastructure technologies like the other models.

The Virtual appliance has the ability to deliver the same network connectivity, transparency, tunnel security. While leveraging the performance and scale of virtualized datacenters, eGate gives control to applications, data, mobile/BYOD users, and independent user access. The IpTL eGate brings together all the network connectivity and secure access IT needs to run an agile datacenter and deliver the promise of a private or hybrid cloud.

This model has the ability to deliver efficient, agile, and extensible remote access solution. FastLane 70v eGate Access Virtual Appliance can be a perfect pick to benefit your data center.

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