IpTL Model 79R Series Secure Remote Access Appliance Hi-Performance Server with Field Expandable Connections & Redundancy

Hi-Performance Ethernet/IP Server with Field Expandable Connections for Datacenter, Replication, and Headquarters sites

pTL FastLane™ 79R Series acts as a Hi- Capacity client termination from 1 to 1000 remote devices. This model also has the capacity to upgrade larger capacities with the help of just one license update. IpTL FastLane™ 79R Series plays the role of Multipath Ethernet Transport Switch which delivers flexile networking with the help of multiport GiG Ethernet ports.

The IpTL FastLane™ 79R Series or the FastLane79R Hi-Capis designed in the most innovative technology with high class features to deliver the best results when it comes to providing the best client termination as per the client requirements.

Redundant Network Segmentation and Aggregation
Access Control Integration with LTE Cellular Failover
Key Features