IpTL FastLane 770 Scalable – World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™

IpTL FastLane 770 Scalable – World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™

FastLane 770 Scalable

IpTL 770 Series delivers a scalable concentration point for multisite or mobile users. The software in the FastLane 770 Scalable is scalable from 1 to 25 connections at the same time. This delivers the best connectivity, control, and configuration for your multisite Voice, Video, Data networking needs.

The 770 series also have fallback and hot standby redundancy standards which enable our applications to get the required amount of connections, future expandability and full power of IpTL’s Trust & Control™.

The Model is built on the IpTL's access based converged infrastructure technologies like the other Series Model 75, and Model 79R, the Model 770 Series.

The FastLane 770 Scalable has the ability to deliver same amount of network connectivity and tunnel security the individual hardware overhead, maintenance, and costs of a separately maintained hardware installations.

Right time to Use FastLane 770 Scalable
  • Acts as a Central site aggregation for up to 25 remote connections or users
  • Pay for and use only the number of connections you need
  • Provides expandability
  • Investment protection
  • Does not require a reboot
  • No rip out of equipment or changes to remotes

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Key Features

  • Connect and Scale from 1 to 25
  • Simultaneous secure Ethernet connections
  • Expand by only adding connection licenses
  • 4 GigEthernet Wired TX ports
  • Transparent to all Ethernet
  • L2/LAN traffic including SCADA
  • VoIP/UC, H.263/H.264, IP Cameras, and VLANs/VTP/ISL
  • Dual USB host interfaces for 3G/4G dongle support
  • Disaster recovery/redundancy
  • Fully compatible with any IpTL appliance