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By knowing the unknown, providing real-time visibility and leveraging breakthrough economics, SonicWall enables businesses to close the cybersecurity business gap and guard

Against the growing ranks of opportunistic cyberattackers. While the historic disruption accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for businesses, it’s been a boon for cybercriminals.

SonicWall Capture Labs threat researchers have detailed at least 20 COVID-19-themed threats aimed at ensnaring worriedand distracted victims. The pandemic’s effects can be seen in most every piece of threat data highlighted here — shifting, increasing, decreasing and upending long-standing patterns. Amid the disruption, a few key takeaways emerge: Malware is down, but changing and spreading. Ransomware is up, particularly in the U.S. (+109%). Office files continue to be leveraged for malicious agenda. SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with Real-Time Deep

Memory InspectionTM is catching more attacks than ever. Malware targeting Internet of Things (IoT) devices has risen to 20.2 million, up 50% from this time last year. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the massive influx of employees working from home. And intrusion attempts are up 19%, to 2.3 trillion. By gaining a fuller understanding about where we find ourselves in 2020, we can move as safely and resolutely as possible toward the future, whatever it has in store. These are dark days for many businesses and individuals. But they’re salad days for cybercriminals. Opportunistic hackers, seeing a chance to take advantage of the confusion and fear surrounding the pandemic, have been out in force.

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